Nursing Role: Prioritization

Updated: 3/11/2018
Nursing Role: Prioritization

Storyboard Text

  • Sure, I will be right back with them!
  • Hi Mr. Garcia! My name is Crystal and I'll be your nurse today.  How are you feeling after your procedure?
  • I feel great! Could I have another blanket and some ice water?
  • Not Priority
  • Crystal, my name is Sally and I am the CNA helping out for today. The patient in 443's vital signs are: BP is 88/52, RR is 24, HR: 98, O2 sat: 89! I checked them twice.She is complaining of pain!
  • Oh my! That is very concerning, I was going to get Mr. Garcia in 442 some ice water, but this takes priority. I am going in there right now to assess her. Thank you for alerting me Sally.
  • 443
  • Please help me! I am in so much pain!
  • Hi Mrs. Smith, I am Crystal and I will be your nurse today. I am going to put a nasal cannula on you because your oxygen is a bit low. Then, I will call your doctor to see what we can do to control your pain. I am so sorry you are feeling this way, but I am going to help you.
  • Priority
  • Nurse Role: Prioritization Nurses have complex decisions to make on a daily basis. They take care of multiple patients at one time. Nurses have to decide what needs are critical and should take priority over less critical needs.
  • Any concern of a patient that could compromise an airway, breathing or circulation takes priority always (Thim, Krarup, Grove, Rohde, Lofgren, 2012). Prioritization allows for a nurse to be able to better meet the needs of patients.
  • A nurse has to decide which problem is more critical if more than one problem needs addressed. This patient was in severe pain, but her impaired gas exchange needed immediate nursing intervention. This patient took priority over getting the other patient ice water.