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Updated: 1/25/2020
Unknown Story
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  • The Impact of the Asteroid
  • Oh no! That asteroid is going to hit!
  • The Zombies Hordes Form
  • Run Ashley or you're gonna die!
  • Leaving El Paso
  • So, an asteroid hit and moved the tectonic plates, making it dangerous here.
  • There's also zombies trying to kill us so were' all gonna die!
  • Let's leave here and move to a safe location.
  • It was a clam day, until Mario saw an asteroid coming, which caused him to panic and tell everyone about it. When the asteroid hit, it killed many people and caused the tectonic plates to shift.
  • Crossing the Mississippi River
  • The asteroid also caused the people who died to turn into zombies. As Mario told Ashley, they ran as the zombies were running after them and trying to kill them.
  • Climbing over the Appalachian Mts.
  • Hey guys, we just have to cross this mountain and we'll be safe!
  • Hey guys! we made it!
  • They told Ayden and Crystal what happened and decided to move to a safe location, the Appalachian Mountain Cabins. Everyone gathered up their supplies for the journey and left El Paso
  • Arriving at the Safe Zone
  • This is going to be our new home
  • They came across a river and decided that the best way to cross it was to walk over a log as the zombies were afraid of water. They crossed the river and continued walking.
  • If we continue going this route, we will make it to the safe spot
  • As they realized they had to cross a mountain, they found some climbing gear and used it to climb up the mountain.
  • The zombies can't get us from here!
  • Once they got over the mountain, they saw the cabins and arrived at their safe zone. This was now their new home.
  • We'll be safe
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