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Unknown Story
Updated: 9/23/2019
Unknown Story
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  • exposition
  • Conflict/Rising action
  • Climax
  • Don't leave!
  • Young doodle is born, with all around him believing he would not make it. Surprisingly he does survive, leaving his family shocked and in awe, sadly with no connection to him. Even making a coffin for him, they never gave themselves a chance to be excited about the new family member.The big brother is jealous and embarrassed to have a disabled little boy as his brother.
  • falling action
  • As Doodles older brother's embarrassment and pride grew, He decided to take Doodle out every day teaching him all the things he knew how to do. He taught Doodle to run, to swim, to climb, but all for himself, and not for Doodle. He would push him and Over work him, and while it did do good for Doodle, It was only really killing them both because the intentions weren't pure.
  • Resolution
  • I have learned my lesson once and for all! 
  • One day, as usual Doodle and his big brother went out for more training when Doodle suddenly failed in doing something his brother asked of him. His brother was angry and told him they should head back just as a hurricane began to stir. As they were heading back The older brother became annoyed with doodle for stepping on his shoes and decides to leave him scared and all!
  • Doodle begged his brother to stay, but he left. Doodle was then stranded in the middle of a hurricane alone, and terrified. Meanwhile, His brother goes home and waits out the storm as Doodle is forced to endure it, disabled. 
  • The storm finally ends when Doodles big brother comes back out to get him from where he left him, only to find that he had died through the storm. He crys and weeps learning a valuable lesson. "Your own pride kills." But from there, a scarlet ibis Comes down and dies aswell, Representing the tragic story and ending, of Doodle.
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