Amelia wants an American Girl Doll

Updated: 6/19/2020
Amelia wants an American Girl Doll

Storyboard Text

  • Opening
  • Pondering
  • Sending the message
  • Amelia wakes up in deep thought. She just needs to get a new American Girl doll to keep up with her friends but how?
  • Mom and Dad Shopping for Doll
  • Amelia decides she knows how to get her doll. She's going to send her mother and father hypnotizing voice memos
  • The prank
  • Amelia sends both her mother and her father the messages and hopes to receive her doll by days end.
  • Surprise
  • Mom and Dad already out buying Amelia her doll receive her message and it doesn't work. Mom and Dad decide to play a joke on Amelia.
  • Mom and Dad break the news to Amelia, They got her exactly what she needed. A brand new tooth brush!
  • Amelia returns to her room upset, only to find the exact American girl doll she had been asking for.