Updated: 2/13/2020

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  • It's me Gram, I've got a surprise for you!
  • A surprise? Why, what in the world-
  • Green Jell-lo! I made it before school so it would be jelled in time for your snack after school.
  • What a sweet thing, Davy.
  • David makes Green Jell-o for his grandma, which is her favorite, before school after his mohter leaves for work. He drugs the Jell-o with sleeping medication to put his Grandma to sleep.
  • Tired Gram?
  • Of course not. What should I be tired from? I'm not one of those people who nap in daytime. You know that, Davy.
  • Good. I didn't overdue it.
  • David arrives back home at 3:10, he greets his grandma and tells her he has a surpise for her.
  • David comes back with Jell-o that he made special for his grandma.
  • David's Grandma ate the Jell-o and noticed an odd bitter taste, the sleeping pills. Of course, she shrugged it off because she didn't know. David turned on the tv while Mrs.Ruggles laid down.
  • Mrs.Ruggles fell asleep and David checked he pulse to make sure he didn't overdue the pills. He didn't. A calm and steady pulse.
  • David left his grandma asleep at the house and made his way to the school to meet up with the rest of his group.