Updated: 2/13/2020

Storyboard Text

  • in the morning before school starts
  • Now it will be jelledwhen i get out of school.
  • ha after school is over
  • I got the green jello you asked for!
  • Thank you Davy, that was very thoughtful.
  • It does taste kind of different this time,i'm probably just getting old.
  • We can watch one your favorite game shows.
  • David put medicine that would make his grandma fall asleep in her favorite jello.
  • 10 minutes later
  • The jello is ready to give to his Grandma.
  • I hope i don't get caught
  • David decides to watch t.v. with his grandma.
  • Grandma falls asleep.After he checks her pulse he leaves.
  • He has enough time to clean up the evidence.
  • David has enough time to run to the school.