Ruthie and the not so tiny lie

Updated: 5/19/2020
Ruthie and the not so tiny lie

Storyboard Text

  • ooh a very tiny camera
  • 2+2= 3+7= 10+2=
  • its MY camera
  • stop fighting
  • Ruthie loved small Things The tinier the better
  • While Ruthie Was playing she found a tiny camera
  • It turned out That it was martins camera,but since Ruthie wanted it really bad She lied that it was hers
  • its okay Ruthie
  • good job Ruthie it takes a lot of courage to tell the truth
  • sorry martin
  • Ruthie felt very sad so she told her parents what happened her parents told her it wasn't to late to make things right.
  • Ruthie was very nervous but decided that she was going to tell the truth.
  • Ruthie then said sorry to Martin and Ms.Olsen forgave Ruthie. THE END!