Updated: 1/14/2020
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  • We want slaves to count as representatives
  • That's not fair at all. You don't even treat them like people. Maybe we can find a compromise of some kind
  • Maybe we can count them as three fifths a repersenitive then.
  • Lets have an 1 Executive/President that has a 4 year term
  • We should elect him based off repersentives elected from each state so big states wont have too much power.
  • Yep. Now we get it approved by the states
  • So we all agree the constitution is good
  • The Federalist papers were really persuasive and really well written. James Madison, John Jay, and Alexander Hamilton.
  • The preamble is a great way of explaining our goals like We the people
  • Yes it explains popular sovereignty, that the power comes from the people
  • We should have 2 houses. The senate will have 2 representatives from each state while the house of representatives shall have their amount based on population
  • Lets have any house representative be able to make a bill but then have their house approve it and if they do so it goes to the other house for approval.The president can either sign or veto the law.
  • Congress could be able to spend tax money, raise an army/navy, declare war, and grant citizenship. also make all laws necessary and proper. That last one was kind of vague.
  • We definitely shouldn't have the president directly elected. we should have elected people elect him. He should serve 4 years.
  • The Judaical branch interprets the law and consists of the supreme court and federal courts.
  • The President can command the army, make treatise, nominate ate ambassadors, pardon people convicted of national laws. His cabinet controls smaller departments.He can be removed by committing certain crimes
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