Tale of Two cities
Updated: 3/6/2020
Tale of Two cities

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  • Evermonde runs over a young boy
  • Jerry Cruncher hit his wife with a shoe
  • Mr Lorry and Ms Pross destroy Doctor Manette's bench
  • The Marquis is in a hurry to get to his home. He hits a young boy and kills him. He is angered at the delay and damage that the boy caused him. He throws some gold on the road for the boys father. He treats the peasants as animals
  • Storming of the Bastille
  • Jerry believes his wife is praying against him. He tells her not to pray anymore. Then he hits her with a boot. She continues to pray and he tells his son to watch her. He yells at her more and then leaves for work.
  • Sydney Carton Goes to reveal himself to Defarge
  • Jarvis Lorry and Ms Pross wait until Dr Manette has left the house. They then sneak into his room and take his workbench apart. The doctor told Lorry that it would help cure the persons madness. The doctor gets better without the workbench. The bench is buried in the garden.
  • Sydney Carton dies at the guillotine in place of Darnay
  • After suffering oppression by the nobility for a long time, the peasants stormed the Bastille. Madame Defarge leads the attack freeing all of the prisoners. The peasants violently murder many upper class people and burn houses as well. Madame Defarge drops her knitting and takes up arms. Madame Defarge is revealed as the mastermind of the revolution.
  • Sydney Carton decides that in order for his plan to escape works, the revolutionaries should know that he looks like Darnay. Defarge believes he may also be a Evermonde. She talks with her council about how she wants to kill Lucie and her daughter as well. Madame Defarge reveals that she is the sister of the family that was abused by the Evermonde family. After Carton learns his information he tells Lorry.
  • Sydney Carton rescues Darnay from the prison and takes his place. Carton is brought in front of a crowd shouting "Down Evermonde". He is the twenty third person to be put to death. Before he dies he thinks about Lucie and Darnay and them having a child named after him. His life of sorrow has purpose in its final act.
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