Updated: 11/20/2020

Storyboard Text

  • LS of Sue standing in her exercise room with her children running around. She looks very confused and uncertain, staring at the TV program to give her ideas for her daily exercise. Normal house ambience with children yelling and crying in the background can be heard
  • LS of Sue struggling to understand whether the moves she is performing is right. She appears to be quite uncomfortable, constantly readjusting her shirt and scratching her arms with slight rashes appearing around the collar of her shirt.
  • CU of Sue's phone as she clicks into the Lululemon app and searches for the clothes she can wear, followed by proceed with the purchase on her phone.
  • LS of Sue receiving her package the following day with her new fitness apparel and tries them on.
  • CU of Sue's phone while she opens up the Lululemon app again, now clicking into the fitness program section.
  • LS of Sue doing her daily exercises, following instructions from the phone with children laughing and playing in the background.