Updated: 7/8/2021

Storyboard Text

  • Each student is to introduce themselves, followed by the insertion of their profile which states their name, age, hobbies, CCAs and subject combis.
  • Hi CVAHS! I'm ________ from NJC. I Like to Swim, my CCA is Astronomy Club, I'm 17 and I take Physics, Chemistry etc.
  • For the second scene, NJC students will be showing their daily routine in school. Firstly, Joy will be in charge of filming the part where she travels to school.
  • Hi CVAHS! My name is Joy and i will be showing you what life is like for us NJC students! Firstly, most of us takes the bus or train to school everyday.
  • For the third, scene. Yao Ming will be in charge of showing CVAHS students how our classrooms look like 
  • This is how our classroom looks like!
  • For the Fourth scene, Lavanya will record a speed up footage on how lessons are conducted here in Singapore
  • In the fifth scene, Nandhitha and Joy will be showing CVAHS students our school canteen and their school lunch
  • Hi everyone! Joy here back again with my friend Nandhitha and now, we will be having our school lunch. This is our school canteen, it offers a variety of food that tastes really delicious!
  • In Scene 6, Yao Ming and Ruotong will be filming parts about their CCA and explaining more about their CCAs.
  • Hello! It's Yao ming and now i will be showing you guys how my CCA is conducted! I'm From Astronomy Club and sometimes my theory lessons are conducted in classroom style