PETER HALE Odyssey Hero Cycle Project (ELA 9)
Updated: 12/20/2020
PETER HALE Odyssey Hero Cycle Project (ELA 9)

Storyboard Text

  • Birth & Childhood
  • Come! Fight for me! DEFEND her honor!
  • He can't fight, he's insane!
  • Preparation
  • Odysseus had a great plan
  • Cyclops
  • When Odysseus is introduced into the story he is already grown up. He is married to a woman named Penelope and has a son. After the taking of Menelaus's wife, Menelaus makes all of the suitors and men fight for him because of the agreement they made. Odysseus tries to escape and avoid the matter by acting insane, but he eventually has to give it up because they threaten his son. This shows he is a "trickster" and kinda clever.
  • Scylla & Charybdis
  • Well done! A few more strokes and we are through. Keep the way—the middle way!
  • Being in the Trojan War helped prepare him for what was to come. He proved himself worthy by creating a great plan to conquer the Trojans. He was smart and cleverr, and he became a leader to those men. Being in the war helped him to make quick and good decisions. This is important because he needs to be able to make quick and life dependent decisions later. Also, by being in the war and troops he learned what the Greeks valued and how he should lead.
  • Altimate Battle
  • Odysseus and his men landed on an island inhabited by the Cyclopes. One cyclops, Polyphemus, sees that the men are hungry and in need of shelter so he sets a trap for them. He puts food out in a warm and welcoming cave. The men go into the cave to eat, but Polyphemus attacks them. His big eye is red, which means anger, rage, evil, blood, pain, and death. This is relevant because the men stab out his eye, causing rage /anger and blood.
  • Triumphant Return
  • Welcome
  • Odysseus and his men were headed to Threncia, but they came upon a strait. On the left was Charybdis; she has a hungry thirst of water three times a day, causing swirls that no ship can get through. On the right side was Scylla; she was a hideous woman who looked like a spider and would eat anybody who came into range of her "arms".The ship was steered in the middle, but Scylla still was in range and ate a few of the men on deck. Eventually they got past the strait. The color blue is present in the form of water; blue can mean death, sadness, and loss. The blue surrounding them is symbolic to Scylla and Charybdis because they cause death and have already caused some sadness and grief to the men.
  • There were a few main traits I saw throughout his whole journey, perseverance, bravory, and cleverness/intelligence. He showed intelligence and cleverness by coming up with the plan to reveal himself and take over his kingdom. He never gave up in the final battle and he never gave up during the journey; he kept fighting to get to his wife and kingdom. Also, he learned to be a leader during any type of "battle" or conflict; he demonstrated this by giving commands to his fellow friends and showing his intelligence ad strategy. The battle itself and the traits he showed over his enemy was what put him into hero status.
  • It is he! Ulysses
  • ....Apollo, dear lord of the silver bow, archer-god, help me now to hit a mark no man has hit before!
  • The return kinda started right when he got back to the castle and revealed himself. But, the more common/excepted return would be right after the ultimate battle. After killing the last few suitors Odysseus hugged his son and embraced him knowing he was back. It was not shown, but, Odysseus takes back the kingdom and "remarried" his wife. The taking back of the kingdom most likely received recognition and that fits the last hero cycle. Also, his reward for winning his long term conflict/battles is that he gets his wife and son back.
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