Unknown Story
Updated: 4/29/2020
Unknown Story

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  • Once upon a time, in a mystical land, there was a very grand castle. In the castle, there lived a very evil king. He stole treasures from everybody he meets and is cruel to everybody.
  • One day, when he was going to collect treasure from a poor man, he saw a very beautiful girl. He decided to keep the girl for himself. The girl was not a normal girl. She was the daughter of a very powerful wizard!
  • The girl whose name is Claire, warn the king that if he kept her, bad things will happen. The king didn't listen. The king forced the girl into his carriage and began thinking about how crazy the girl is.
  • When they got to the castle, Claire was hungry and wanted some food. The king was very nasty and said that she could eat worms. That got Claire's temper up. Then the king asked her to sleep in a pretty little bedroom. Claire didn't know that the king had put a spider in her bed.
  • Claire couldn't take it anymore. She had a magical necklace passed down from her father. She went to the