Chapter 3- mice and men
Updated: 2/8/2021
Chapter 3- mice and men

Storyboard Text

  • In this scene, Carson trys to get Candy to kill his old dog. Candy says OK, so Carson shoots his dog.
  • Candy, your dog is old, ill and he stinks! I'd shoot him if I were you, nicer to him as well.
  • I cant, he's my best friend!- you do it!
  • Oh George, I should have been the one to kill my dog, not some stranger who he didn't even know!
  • In this scene, Candy is really upset because he wasn't the one who killed his dog who he loved very much.
  • What's wrong Candy?
  • In this scene, Curley thinks Lennie is laughing at him when he is really thinking about rabbits. Curley fights Lennie.
  • Rabbits........
  • Are you laughing at ME????
  • Curley begins to fight Lennie, and George tells Lennie to 'GET HIM!', so George grabs Curley's hand and won't let go.
  • In this scene, Slim tells Curley that he 'got his hand caught in a machine' and he must not tell anybody about the incident or try to get anybody fired or else they would make him a laughing stock.
  • I didn't mean to hurt him George, I really didn't...
  • Here, George is reassuring Lennie that everything will be OK, and that he isn't cross with him. Lennie feels bad because he didn't want to hurt anyone.
  • Don't worry, you ain't done nothing wrong! I ain't mad!