How the tree came to be
Updated: 3/23/2020
How the tree came to be

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  • The Girl Who Was Different
  • The Dying Plant
  • Fysi's Entrance
  • Deli
  • There once was a young girl called Eartha.She was different she came from a very poor family that lived in a small homeless shelter.
  • The Quarell
  • I do not need any help with looking after nature.
  • One night Eartha was out in the rubbish filled streets. Looking for money. She stumbled past a dying plant and gave up her only water. This is where her love of nature began.
  • Frozen
  • Ha ha ha. Power of nature let her freeze
  • Fysi the goddess of nature was watching her. She was not happy. Fysi ran down from Mt Olympus, She searched everywhere until one day she found a girl just like her.
  • Meaning of the Tree
  • You are frozen now and I shall call you a tree.
  • Fysi approached Eartha. Eartha had no clue on what she had done wrong. They began to yell at one another. Fysi than began to chase Eartha.
  • I am very sorry I was just trying to help
  • Eartha was running hastily back to the shelter but all of a sudden she froze. Eartha could not move.
  • Fysi wanted to make more nature to prove she did not need any help. She called this a Tree.