Government story board
Updated: 2/3/2020
Government story board
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  • Democracy is a form of government which is ruled by the people.
  • the eligible people who can vote, they vote to elect a representatives
  • to represent the place they are living.
  • Monarchy is a form of government which one person is in charge but is not in control
  • The queen is in charge but there are other parts of the government and people have the freedom to express opinion.
  • of everything. Better examples are England. You have the queen and a royal family.
  • Dictatorship is a form of government when a leader or group of leaders control absolutely everything.
  • they have no toleration for political opinions or independent activities like you see on the media.
  • Dictators care for nothing except their people not being independent and being controlled constantly .
  • Communism is a political and economic system which aims to creat a classless community.
  • Everything is publicly owned and people are paid for jobs based on what they need and no more.
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