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Updated: 5/8/2020
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  • Lately, I don't know what is goin thorough those stubborn Soviets minds. All they care about is controlling everyone!!
  • We won't let our people run over us. We are totalitarian to keep our people in control and stopping them from thinking they run us.
  • Everyone, we need to create a weapon that will be able to destroy the soviet. Incase they loose it, we need to be prepared. This shall be a secret rave between the soviets.
  • This became the beginning of the Civil War and Nuclear Arms Race which lasted from the 1940s through 1990s
  • Spies were used to gain information from both sides.These spies stole information on how to progress atomic bombs. People faced spy trials.
  • Senator McCarthy took this time to advantage. He begun to falser accuse individuals using McCarthyism.This caused Americans to distrust the government and raised fear in their eyes.
  • In the 50ths, Eisenhower created the idea of mass retaliation. This was created to insure Americans and Soviets that if anything occurred ,, there would be retaliation.