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The ages of man
Updated: 9/29/2020
The ages of man
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  • Gold Race
  • Silver race
  • Bronze Race
  • The first people to inhabit the Earth were the gold race. These people were respectful to each others and the gods. They lived peacefully and care-free. When they died their spirits stayed to guide others.
  • Hero Race
  • The silver race was the second race Zeus had created. While this race aged and grew quickly, they stayed in their juvenile mind. Do to this, the race of silver did not respect each other or the gods. Due to this Zeus created the four seasons. After they died, their spirits were sent to the underworld.
  • Iron race
  • Zeus's third generation was the race of bronze. This race was far worse than the silver race. They were very cruel and war ready. They had respect for anyone or anything and their strength was impeccable. They all died very early due to them always fighting. Their souls were also sent to the underworld.
  • The Best Race
  • The fourth generation Zeus had created was the race of Heroes. This race was very much better than the previous two races. they were very noble people and fought wars but died respectfully. Those whom had survived were brought to the Island of Blessings. They plant grain and are ruled by Cronus.
  • The fifth race Zeus had created was the Iron race. This race do not feel pity for each other. They die very fast and many die a day. Crime is horrible and we destroy earth for treasures. If we do not change our ways, they will destroy us.
  • The best race was the Gold Race. Everyone was very peaceful and knew how to take care of earth. This is why this race was the only race to watch over the others and not go to the underworld.
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