mahsa and lau
Updated: 2/8/2021
mahsa and lau

Storyboard Text

  • Okonkwo finds out that Ezinma is sick
  • Ezinma is sick and the medicine
  • the death
  • "‘’ Of the three wives, Ekwefi was the only one who would have the audacity to bang on his door.‘Ezinma is dying,‘ came her voice, and all the tragedy sorrow of her life were packed in those words.’’
  • "After such treatment it would think twice before coming again, unless it was one of the stubborn ones who returned, carrying the stamp of their mutilation - a missing finger or perhaps a dark line where the medicine man's razor had cut them."
  • "You have not eaten for two days" "Ezinma is dying... Okonkwo sprang from his bed ... and ran into Ekwefi's hut."