Road to Revolution
Updated: 12/1/2017
Road to Revolution
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  • What... Why?
  • This is the Stamp Act and all legal documents must use special stamped paper purchased from Great Britain.
  • The king has sent me and said that you are going to have to pay to send letter. You will need a stamp to send them. 
  • What?
  • We are staying here and you can't do anything about it.
  • This is the Quartering Act and While the British were at war and they needed a place to stay they would barge into someones home. 
  • I hate this. This is our home.
  • The Boston Massacre happened on March 5, 1770 and 50 "rebels" threw snowballs and stones at the British solders to protest the taxes. The solders fired back, killing 3 and injuring 8.
  • This is the sugar act and King George III taxed lots of money on sugar and molasses. 
  • Why is nobody buying my sugar? 
  • This is the Tea act and the Leader of Great Britain said that all the colonists had to buy tea from only great Britain. 
  • Take that Great Britain, now try to tax us for tea. 
  • This is the Battle of Lexington and concord. This was the first war that lead to the Revolutionary War.
  • What!? Get your men together and go seize them.
  • Sir, I have terrible news the Patriots have weapons stockpiled. 
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