Art Project
Updated: 1/21/2021
Art Project

Storyboard Text

  • Oh No! I have to get out!
  • Oh My! Where am I?!?
  • Maryland wakes up in a unfamiliar place...
  • You are in the Hidden Woods! You can never escape!!
  • A house! Maybe I can stay there tonight!
  • A talking Owl!?! AHhHHH
  • Don't go there. There are monsters in there
  • I'm not going in there! There's a giant spider!
  • And a monster on the roof!
  • Phew, I finally got away from the monster!
  • I have to find a way home! I guess I have to keep going
  • Oh No! This is only another cave! I'll never get home!
  • Maryland thought she was done for, and could never get home, and she's right, but there is a reason...
  • She is only here because she did something bad...She made fun of the girls wearing scary Halloween costumes, SO now the costumes came to life, TO HAUNT HER FOREVER, and nobody can save her! Mwhahaha
  • Brainss
  • Help! Get me out!