Updated: 9/26/2021

Storyboard Text

  • I dont know if what im going to choose if IT or IS? I dont know if what’s the one suitable for me.
  • Typing: what sre the difference between IT and IS course?
  • The difference between….
  • She’s undecided in what shes going to take in college if Information technology or Information System.Transition: cross dissolve duration: 10 secs
  • What are the jobs that i can have after I graduated either in IT or IS degree?.
  • She’s searching if what the difference between Information technology and Information System.transitions: dip to blackduration: 10secs
  • The job that you can have….
  • In the video, she’s explaining the difference between Information technology and Information System.transition : cross dissolveduration: 1 min
  • Okay, now i know what should i choose.
  • She also search if what are the jobs that she can have after she graduated to the course that she chosen.transition: cross dissolveduration: 10 secs
  • The woman in the screen explain what are the profession or jobs that you can have after you graduated.transition : dip to blackduration : 1 min
  • Now she know what course she will choose.transition: cross dissolveduration: 5 secs