Updated: 6/14/2020
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Storyboard Description

Her name is Katrina and she lost her beloved father a very young age which is when she was 9 year old. 2 years after her father passed away, her mother decided to marry again. After the marriage of her mother and her step-father family seems to be broken and they're staying apart from each other. Katrina and her little sister has been raised up by her foster family when she was 11 year and her sister was 8 year old while Katrina's brothers were staying alone and working their best to be who they are now. Katrina and her little sister successfully entered university without parents by their sides to guide and advise them in life. They learn how to live independently since they're in primary school. Even though their mother has never took cared of them, fortunately they were all has well grown-up and become somebody that every parents should be proud of. Katrina has successfully became a well-known motivator and as well as a successful entrepreneur while her little sister has became fashion designer follows by her brothers. This situations taught us that everybody has different life journeys. It is actually depends on us, individually of what we want to be in future.

Storyboard Text

  • SCENE 1Waktu siang - di taman
  • SCENE 2Di hospital - malam
  • Innalillahiwainailaihirojiun....
  • Ayah....
  • SCENE 3Waktu siang - dalam bilik
  • SFX: bunyi suasana meriah di taman.Katrina dan ayahnya sedang berbual dengan gembira sambil duduk di kerusi yang disediakan di taman.
  • SCENE 4waktu pagi - sekolah
  • SFX: bunyi tangisan.Doktor telah mengesahkan bahawa ayah Katrina telah meninggal dunia.
  • SCENE 5Waktu siang - selepas pulang dari sekolah
  • SFX: bunyi esakan halus.Katrina sedang menangis di dalam bilik yang dikongsi bersama adik perempuannya kerana merindui ayahnya.
  • SCENE 6Waktu siang - keluarga angkat
  • SFX: bunyi meriah persekitaran sekolah.Katrina berasa sedih kerana hari tersebut merupakan hari pertama dalam hidupnya pergi ke sekolah menaiki bas kerana kebiasaannya, ayahnya akan menghantar Katrina ke sekolah.
  • SFX: perbualan antara Katrina dah ibunya.Katrina menceritakan kepada ibunya mengenai harinya yang pergi ke sekolah tanpa dihantar oleh bapanya. 
  • SFX: perbualan antara ibu Katrina dan keluarga angkatnya dan tangisan halus.Tiga tahun selepas ayahnya meninggal, ibunya telah membuat keputusan untuk berkahwin lagi dan Katrina dah adiknya telah dihantar untuk tinggal bersama ibu angkatnya
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