Mackintosh Raincoat
Updated: 3/12/2020
Mackintosh Raincoat

Storyboard Description

U.S. history project

Storyboard Text

  • What if I invent the raincoat with rubber and wool so it would not get wet as well as not get sticky when its hot outside or frigid when its cold.
  • Oh darn it! it's raining. I cant take my morning walk
  • Wait a minute. I can still take my walk because I just bought the...
  • The mackintosh raincoat will change the world. it is comfy and it can withstand rain and had good style in the 1800's. this invention led to many other raincoats and changed America's people who couldn't go out because of rain.
  • MackintoshRaincoat!
  • In 1823 Charles Mackintosh decided to make a raincoat. something that would help people not get wet, but still be outside in the rain
  • Yes! it worked!
  • Now I can go outside and enjoy my walk. I can't believe that without Mackintosh, raincoats wouldn't existed
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