Dear Martin
Updated: 4/15/2021
Dear Martin

Storyboard Text

  • Justyce wanted to take her home but he can't.
  •   Mel threated to call the cops if she is not by at her car.
  • When he took her to her car she did not want him in the car so she spit in his face so he back away he almost left but he did not want to.
  • Mel throw up on his jacket and he put the jacket in the back set then he tried to pick her up again she slaps him away.
  • He saw a siren and he sees blue lights he put Mel in the back set and he told her to be quiet the he felt a white officer beyond him asking him questions.
  • cop slams Justyce upper body onto the truck with so much force, Justyce bites the inside of his mouth fills with blood he swallowed it.
  • Justyce told the officer that this is a misunderstand but the officer did not listen so he hits him in the face.
  • The officer told Justyce that he saw him with his hood up then he said punks like you wander the streets looking for prey.
  • Justyce finds out the name of the officer Castillo, it read like a normal white guy mom told how to handle these time of situation
  • Castillo said that mother stuff wont work on me resistance will only get you in more trouble then the cop grabs Justyce by the chin
  • Your mom is here to get you out of jail here is the stuff that you had when first meet don't do it again.
  • why am I in jail only thing that i did was to try an help my ex girlfriend to get home and the cop thought I will kidnapped her