mice and men
Updated: 3/11/2020
mice and men
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  • An´'you ain´t gonna do no bad things like you done in weed,nether.Run us out,hell.page 10
  • like I done in weed?page 10
  • You got the work slips? says right here on the slip that you was to be here for work this morning. page 24
  • Bus driver give us a bum steer.We hadda walk ten miles.page 25
  • Have you seen my old man? You the new guys the old man was waitin´ for? let the big guy talk.page 28- 29
  • We just come in.sṕose he don want to talk?page 29
  • Lennie was a big man with not a lot of face strature and George was a short man both had hats on without a diffentite shape. They had to get away from weed becuase lennie touched a girls dress and didn´t let go.They were trying to start new
  • Lennie and George were waiting on the boss but the first to step in was candy and he talked about the boss.The boss walked in and candy slid out the door. The boss asked some questions on like why they left weed and how come George don´t let Lennie talk. The boss throught George was trying to put something over on Lennie like taking his pay.
  • Curley walked in the bunkhouse looking for his old man also known as the boss. He seen Lennie and put up his fists like his ready to fight. Curley faced lennie and was mad becuase he throught people should talk when spoken to.
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