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Updated: 3/25/2020
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  • The Rwandan Genocide took place in 1994, and it was when the Hutus were mass slaughtering the Tutsis because of Belgian intervention.
  • Water scarcity is a horrible problem throughout Africa. Most families don't have running water, and don't live near places with clean water. Some women travel miles to get small amounts of nasty dirt water.
  • There are 16,306 endangered species in the world. Africa makes up a lot of this number. From elephants, to monkeys, to rhinos, the poaching problem in Africa is wiping out so many unique species.
  • It was caused because these very socially different tribes were stuck into one border, a Belgian colony border. The genocide lasted three months and about 1,000,000 people were killed.
  • While Northern Africa has 92% of people drinking/having access to clean water, only 60% of people in sub-saharan Africa have clean water, leaving 40% without. This is a huge problem, water is crucial to live (obviously), and without, whole civilizations could collapse.
  • Poaching and habitat loss are the biggest factor towards endangerment. They are hunted for horns, skin, hair, food, so much. This is one of so many problems in Africa.
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