Romeo and Juliet act 5 scene 1

Updated: 5/22/2020
Romeo and Juliet act 5 scene 1

Storyboard Text

  • ROMEO: I had a dream that my lady came and found me dead. I think it is a strange dream, but who cares! She came and brought me back to life by kissing me. I rose from the dead and was an emperor. Oh my!
  • BALTHASAR: Sir! Juliet is dead!
  • ROMEO: Noooo!
  • BALTHASAR: Calm down sir..Nope, the Friar didn't send any letter
  • ROMEO: Thats it, I am going to Verona. Did the Friar send any letter?
  • BALTHASAR: Sir, I think you should wait for more news.
  • ROMEO: There is no time for waiting.
  • BALTHASAR: Umm, sure sir..
  • ROMEO: Now take me to Verona, I am going to by a poison to kill myself and then go to Juliet
  • ROMEO: Can I have a poison that if I drink it would kill? I will pay you.