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Science Project Comic Strip
Updated: 9/27/2019
Science Project Comic Strip
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  • Mark is walking down his porch steps to get into his car. This is an example of motion. Motion - 2 or more forces acting on an object
  • Two things are happening in this situation. One, both cars are being pulled down by gravity, while also being held up by the ground underneath them. This is an example of both gravity and a force. Gravity - a force that pulls down on an object Force - A push or pull on an object
  • The bench in this part of the story is an example of a balanced force. Mark's car is an example of an unbalanced force. Balanced Force - A force that, with another force, makes an object have no motion or make the object go in a constant speed Unbalanced Force - A force that causes motion with another unequal force
  • Mark is parking his car in the school parking lot, which is another example of a balanced force.
  • Mark and his friend Clark are pushing each other around, and Clark has a bigger net force than Mark, so he pushes him down on accident. When Mark slid on the ground after falling, he stopped because of friction. Net force - The total applied force to an object Friction - A resistance force between 2 surfaces that oppose each other
  • Mark is starting his car back up to head back home. This is another example of an unbalanced force.
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