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Updated: 10/19/2020
Unknown Story

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  • magna carta
  • sir please sign we are limiting your power because your abusing it not very nice now is it
  • mayflower compact 1620
  • so this is what gonna happen we gonna protect your rights and provide order but you take care of yourself
  • wow great idea
  • english bills of rights
  • can we have rights for all people now
  • ok fine you already took a lot of my power so whatever
  • the idea of the magna carta was to limit the kings power because he started to abuse his power and take advantage of it
  • john lockes ideas
  • the idea of the mayflower compact was to make an agreement among the individuals to provide order and protect each other rights
  • montesquieu ideas
  • so people listen we are going to split the government into 3 branches so there would be a lower chance of tyranny
  • the idea of english bill of rights was to give freedom and rights to all people not just the nobles
  • ideas of common sense
  • oh yes this is going to change the world so people can finally open they eyes
  • the idea of john locke idea was so that when everyone was born they had natural rights ( life , liberty , and property
  • when people are born everyone is going to have natural rights life , liberty and property
  • the idea of montesquieu idea was to split the government and none would be more powerful than the other to prevent tyranny
  • the idea of common sense was to convince people to think independant government is the right way to go