'I Got Mugged'
Updated: 3/18/2020
'I Got Mugged'

Storyboard Description

A story based on a joke

Storyboard Text

  • I Got Mugged
  • My lives wonderful
  • 5 Minutes Later
  • The story 'I Got Mugged' is about someone named James who got hit by a mug multiple times and it became a joke.
  • where's James?
  • Monster Mash starts in 10 minutes
  • James looks at the sky admiring life and out of no where he gets attacked by a thief
  • what happened to you ?
  • i got mugged
  • Monster Mash starts in 5 minutes
  • The thief hits James repeatedly with a mug, steals his wallet and runs away.
  • well i guess were not watching the movie
  • and he stole my wallet
  • Monster Mash starts in 5 minutes
  • Jack is confused why James is late because he is never late but he waits for James so they can both watch Monster Mash.
  • Jack sees James running and asked what happened and he explains that he got mugged and he stole his wallet
  • And they decide to go home and go to the cinema another time.