Lord of the Flies Storyboard

Updated: 10/4/2021
Lord of the Flies Storyboard

Storyboard Text

  • The boys are straned on a island, Piggy finds a conch (seashell) and tells Ralph to blow in it to see if there were survivors. This leads to boys after boys coming to Ralph location near the beach were they end up voting for a leader.
  • Jack after not happy of the outcome of the election for leader goes to find materials in the forest were he spots a pig that at first felt compelled to kill it but refused as he knew what murder was and was hestisent to kill a creature. But this made Jack obsessed with killing the pig.
  • The Pig is slayed by the Jack and his hunters and they cheer with excitement, feeding of on each other energy amazed at what they just accomplished.
  • The savage animal instinct/energy that Jack and the hunters have collected up intil proves to be too great for them as they pretend to kill the pig again but with Robert as the pig leading to Robert almost being beaten to death.
  • N/A were not at the denouement/ no conclusion
  • N/A were not at the denouement