Laws of motion

Updated: 5/12/2020
Laws of motion

Storyboard Text

  • We're here to explain the laws of motion. Let's start with inertia
  • That means an object will remain in its state of motion unless acted upon by a force
  • Follow us and we'll show you!
  • We're here in my room with a tennis ball. Take it away Hanna!
  • Thanks Eric! This ball will remain still until we move it.
  • And that is inertia! It won't move until a force is applied. And that takes us to the next law.
  • A force is a push or pull that makes an object move or stop
  • Like Nat said, it makes objects move. I'm going to apply force to the tennis ball.
  • Eric applied a force to the ball and it moved. Now let's talk about the 3rd law
  • Action and reaction! When you apply force to an object...
  • ...that object is going to apply force back! That's the reaction part
  • So if the driver of the car applies force by slamming on the brakes, the car jolts forward along with the passengers
  • We're not actually going to slam on the brakes right now, right?!
  • Of course not! That's too dangerous
  • But that's why you should always wear a seat belt when you're riding in a car
  • And those are Newton's laws of motion!
  • We hope you enjoyed! Bye!!