Updated: 2/2/2021

Storyboard Text

  • PHYSICAL APPEARNACE : Atticus was tall, slim and had a fatherly figure. He was well educated and looks the part
  • Traits : As a lawyer and a father he always tries to teach lessons, values and morals. He also plays a good fatherly role to his children
  • Friends : Atticus is well respected but defending Tom Robinson tests many of his relationships. Calpurnia may be a friend even though she is the house keeper
  • RELATIVES: His relatives include his children who are Jem and scout and his brother John "Jack " Finch and his sister Alexandra Hancock along wither he children
  • Jean Louise Finch ( Scout )
  • Friends : Her friends include Dill, her brother Jem and Walter Cunningham
  • RELATIVES : Atticus who is her father, Jem her older brother, John Finch her uncle, Alexandra Hancock her aunts and her cousins
  • Traits: Scout is a very intelligent child for her age and has the perspective of an adult.
  • Physical appearance : Even though Scout s a girl she dresses more like a boy. Rather than wearing dresses she wears overalls
  • Jem Finch
  • Relatives : His father Atticus , his sister Scout, His aunts cousins and uncles
  • Traits : Jem is a kind person he is very good person and has a good heart .
  • Physical appearance : Jem is taller than Scout and has brown hair and is thin .
  • Friends : Dill, Scout and Walter along with his school friends.
  • Dill ( Charles Baker Harris)
  • Physical appearance : Dill is a very small boy and looks very young.
  • Relatives : His aunt Ms. Rachel Haverford and his mother who lives in Mississippi
  • Traits: Although Dill is small he is very smart and very positive .
  • Friends : His friends include Jem and Scout.
  • Calpurnia
  • Friends : Atticus is like a friend to Calpurnia and she has her other friends from church and her home.
  • Relatives : Calpurnia has family where she is from even though she spends most of her time at the Finches' house
  • Traits : Calpurnia is a very faithful and teaches the children right from wrong. She may be strict but she only wants the best.
  • Physical appearance : Calpurnia is a middle aged black woman who has a young appearance
  • Tom Robinson
  • Physical appearance : Tom is a good looking black man and is slim and has a crippled left hand.
  • Traits: Tom was a very good person and meant no harm to anyone and he was very hardworking.
  • Relatives : Tom has a wife and his children
  • Friends : Even though Atticus was his lawyer he was like his friend