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Updated: 11/12/2020
Unknown Story

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  • rogue wave
  • Title
  • This is sully and scoot in the sea dog (boat) they are leaving there because it's scoots 14th birthday and she wanted to take a boat trip
  • in this scene scoot is down in the kitchen making steak sandwiches while sully is steering the sea dog but then the rogue wave hits
  • in this scene scoot gets trapped in the kitchen and the boat starts to flip upside down and starts to fill with water scoot is left in the kitchen trying to get out sully tried to get her out but the water pressure was keeping the door closed but scoot manged to get out and swim to the surface
  • in this scene sully is sitting at the top of the boat he was relieved to see that she was ok sully helped scoot on top of the boat
  • in this scene sully and scoot are saved by a person on a boat sully scoot tell them everything about the sea dog and there adventure
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