The Odessy progect 1
Updated: 1/7/2020
The Odessy progect 1
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  • Mentes talks to Telemachus
  • Is he alive??? If only he was here...
  • Alive and well! You got this though!
  • Telemachus Drives out the Suitors
  • We should go now...
  • I'll get him!!!
  • Odysseus is Trapped in the Cave
  • Please don't be sad, look at all the things you have
  • I just wanna go homeee!!!
  • Telemachus is visited at his Suitor infested home by Mentes. Mentes was actually just Athena in disguise. The troubled Telemachus asked the stranger about his dad, and he was reassured by Mentes(Athena).
  • Odysseus Swims for Shore
  • Telemachus, inspired by Mentes, gathered up the courage to drive the suitors out. He finally decided to stand up to the suitors for is mother and himself.
  • Odysseus meets Nausicaa
  • Meanwhile, Odysseus is still being trapped in the cave by Calypso, a nymph. He wants nothing more than to be abl to go home, but Calypso tempts him with many things because she doesn't want him to leave.
  • Odysseus starts the journey home
  • Odysseus is in a physical battle with Poseidon, the god of the sea. He is battling the waves as they crash him against the rocks. Alas, he finally makes it to shore and takes a very very long nap.
  • I'm gonna make it!!!
  • Odysseus comes out from his sleeping place naked, and scrappy, and Nausicaa's maids run, but Athena gives her courage. Odysseus asks her about the town and asks for passage home. She tells him where to go.
  • Nausicaa explains to Odysseus about her town's people, and says that they should go separately so nobody makes any bad conclusions.
  • yeet
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