assessment task
Updated: 3/9/2021
assessment task

Storyboard Text

  • it is an extremely hot day. in the outback, this is a perfect day for a bushfire to ignite. I (David) was feeding the animals on the land unbeknownst to what was about to occurr.
  • a fire erupts in the forest surrounding neighbouring houses. it starts to spread rapidly and everyone in the area are in danger.
  • in a matter of minutes after the fire ignited, it reaches my (David's) neighbourhood. a neighbouring house catches fire while a family is inside.
  • I see the trail of smoke in the sky as I finish up feeding the animals. I race back to the house to try and help to extinguish the blaze. I get back notice that the family is trapped so I put my life on the lin to try and save them.
  • i spot the roomwhere they are trapped and break the window. i pull them out one by one but the dad doesn't make it.