Actyity on Earth and Mars
Updated: 1/15/2021
Actyity on Earth and Mars

Storyboard Text

  • Once two astronauts were getting bored before their meeting regarding their next space mission.
  • Let's do something interesting.I will tell you a story about a fight over superiority between Earth and Mars.
  • 70% of my surface is covered with water. That is why,I am called the blue planet.
  • Once,Earth and Mars had a terrible fight over who was more superior out of them. Earth said"It was her"while Mars thought the other way round. Both came up with arguments to prove their stand.
  • Mars had nothing much to say about it as most of the water on its surface is in the form of ice.
  • Earth(mockingly):" You are red and dead while I am blue and alive."
  • Mars boasted of his beauty and said," I am known as a beautiful rusty red planet."
  • Moreover, I am home to many forms of life. But you have a very thin atmosphere that consists mainly of carbon dioxide. You are much colder than me.
  • You are just a little child in front of me. I am almost double your size, you see.
  • Mars was speechless and hence left with a heavy heart.
  • Image Attributions:956981 ( - Felix Mittermeier - License: Free To Use / No Attribution Required / See for what is not allowed

Image Attributions

  • 956981 - Felix Mittermeier - (License Free To Use / No Attribution Required / See for what is not allowed )
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