french revolution
Updated: 11/4/2020
french revolution

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  • us members of the 3rd estate to start having less taxes this is gettong to be too much
  • yes we don't deserve to be taxed this much when the nobles dont get taxed at all!
  • if we're so far in debt, why would we give our money to america
  • maybe we should revolt too...
  • because america was trying to get free of britian and we hate britian
  • man king louis really sucks. He believes he has the divine right but it doesn't seem like it
  • i know, especially for people like us. everyone i know including me is in poverty.
  • Dont you think its weird how we can't have ANY political power
  • Yeah we're rich and important members to society, yet we have no say in anything... hmmm
  • Why do we have so little rights? it makes no sense. Maybe John Locke is right
  • Yeah i know just because we're in the 3rd estate they give us no freedoms
  • I can't believe theyre upping taxes again. How can we be this far in debt.
  • I agree. It's definitlely time for some change!