the neighborhood
Updated: 3/11/2020
the neighborhood

Storyboard Text

  • INTRO : There was once a girl named Josephine, she lived in the suburban area away from the city. One day her mom explained that they will receive a new neighbor. TO BE CONTINUED ....
  • finally that you're down, i have something to tell you, did you know that we will now have a new neighbor, he's also the same age and grade so he will also go to your school, and i baked them some cookies so could you please give it to them, Josephine
  • "sure mom" said Josephine
  • shuts door
  • there she goes to greet their new neighbor .....
  • hmph rude ...
  • what josephine just went through she didn't know why the new neighbor was so rude
  • welcome to the neighborhood i your neighbor and my mom thought she could lend you some cookies
  • how can i help you ?