The Outsiders
Updated: 1/25/2020
The Outsiders
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  • Setting
  • Ponyboy Curtis
  • Ponyboy has two older brothers his oldest brother is Darry/ Darrel and his second oldest is Soda
  • Ponyboy is a Greaser, He is 14 years old, He is the youngest sibling. He is also the youngest in the gang
  • Ponyboy has light brown almost-red hair, greenish-gray eyes, His hair is long.
  • Ponyboy is smart, can't use his head for something logical.
  • Darrel Curtis
  • Darry is hard, firm, and rarely smiles. Darry is hard on Ponyboy to get good grades
  • Darry has dark brown hair like his father. His eyes were like two pieces of pale blue-green ice.
  • Darry has two younger siblings he has Sodapop who is the middle child and Ponyboy who is the youngest
  • He is a Greaser and he is 20 years old, He is the oldest sibling
  • The Outsiders start in a rough neighborhood in a small town in Oklahoma and the people are separated by how rich or poor they are.
  • Sodapop Curtis
  • Sodapop is smart, athletic,and hardworking.
  • Johnny Cade
  • Johnny is shy,brave, strong, and puppy-like.
  • Dallas Winston
  • He is tougher than the rest of the gang, colder, and meaner.
  • He has a elfish face, higher cheekbones, a pointed chin, sharp teeth, blue eyes, and long white hair.
  • He is shorter than Darrel, people said he is "movie star" handsome, Soda has long hair and has dark golden hair.
  • He is the middle child in all of Darry and Ponyboy.
  • He is also a Greaser, He is 16 turning 17,
  • Johnny is 16 years old, He is Greaser.
  • He has long, jet-black, greased hair, He has dark eyes looks black, with tanned skin.
  • Johnny is closed friends with Ponyboy.
  • He is a Greaser, He is 17 years old.
  • He is friends with Darry and Ponyboy.
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