Introducing iPad's to Students in the Fitness Center

Updated: 7/29/2020
Introducing iPad's to Students in the Fitness Center

Storyboard Description

Students will be starting to use iPad's in the Fitness Center, this shows how students will begin to start their Wellness Journals.

Storyboard Text

  • Welcome to Wellness and Fitness! During your time in the Fitness Center we will be going mobile and trying new applications on the iPads!
  • Getting to Work
  • First let's take sometime to learn about several Applications and how you will appropriately use them.
  • Sharing in the Real World
  • We learned about a couple new Apps in fitness today and I wanted to log my lunch calories. This helps me see how my body uses energy from what I'm eating. The app is called My Fitness Pal it actually can track a lot of things. Look!
  • Students are introduced to a new idea of using mobile devices in the classroom to log fitness activities and learn more about how the body processes food for energy.
  • Being Responsible
  • Hi Bobby How was school today, what do you want for dinner?
  • Hi Brother!
  • Students learn all about appropriate use, storage, and the many different applications they will have access to during their fitness class. The teacher also discusses ways they can link the apps on their phone so that they can use them outside of the classroom also.
  • Reflecting on what works
  • Now as you're moving around the Fitness Center with your iPads remember to use the QR code reader to help review the muscles and machine use!
  • Students are able to track exercise and calories using different apps. Doing this will allow them to share and personalize their learning daily, making our Wellness content meaningful.
  • Life Long Learning
  • What are you doing on your phone?
  • Students having access to more information that is reviewed by teachers, allows them to find reliable sources. Students will be able to be successful when preparing healthy meals from teacher approved recipes. Taking responsibility to help at home is a huge life skill.
  • I actually already made dinner using my new App from Fitness Class. I put it on my phone because it gives me recipes of how to make healthy foods!
  • Introducing students to different applications helps students decide what works best for them. This personalization of learning is key to adapting to the ever changing career fields.
  • This Calm App from Fitness Class, has really been helping me with my anxiety at school and doing breathing exercises before bed has helped me fall asleep faster
  • When students have access to technology in the classroom they are able to research questions right away and have access to tools that will help them apply information in the moment.