harmful products
Updated: 2/23/2021
harmful products

Storyboard Text

  • no, do you know what harmful things are inside of these tobacco products
  • do you want to hit my vape
  • tobacco products like e-cigarettes, vapes, and Jules are very harmful to your body
  • These smoking tobacco products can cause harmful things to the body like lung cancer, heart disease, cancer, and some eye diseases
  • A recent study by the CDC shows that teens that use smoking tobacco will die at an earlier rate approximately 1 in 13 Americans under the age of 17 will die early due to smoking related illnesses
  • advantages of not smoking tobacco products are it reduces the risk of dying from cardiovascular disease, it reduces the risk of cancer, it helps you live longer, and it reduces risk of heart disease
  • Some refusal strategies in the future if you are ever in this situation could be just saying no you could also come up with an excuse to not smoke, another thing is just ignoring the person if they are a stranger and walking away.