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  • Exposition
  • Hi! I'm Juli Baker you must be the Loskis! Would you want to play?
  • HI Juli! We are just unpacking now Bryce would like to play with you later!
  • Exposition 2
  • Uhh... yeah Juli, sorry I have to go.. see ya!
  • Omg! I am holding his hand! And he is staring right at me!
  • Hello Miss Juli. I see you have met my son.. come on Bryce you have some 'unpacking' to do. We will see you around Juli.
  • Rising action
  • Excuse me Miss, We are going to have to cut this tree down. The government wants us to build land.
  • Please don't cut it down! This is my only friend!! Bryce please come up here with me!
  • Im sorry Juli. The bus is here and I have to go to school.
  • This scence shows the first time Juli Baker meets the Loskis.
  • Climax
  • Bryce how could you be such a horrible friend to me. After all of these years and you never once cared about me. I never ever want to talk to you again.
  • After Bryce and his dad said that he couldn't play, Juli insisted on making a new freind and suddenly ended up holding his hand.
  • falling action
  • Going once... going twice.. do I hear a 20? Sold for twenty dollars.
  • During this scence Juli trys to get Bryce in the tree so they won't cut it down but Bryce refuses and chooses to go to school instead, which makes Juli incredibly upset.
  • Soloution
  • Is he planting me a tree? Why is he digging a whole in my yard?? Wait.. is that... a sycamore tree? I have to talk to him now.
  • When Bryce's mom invites the Baker's to their house Juli confronts Bryce and still trys to avoid Bryce as much as she can at the table even though its akward.
  • But Juli.. I can explai-
  • This scene shows the basket boy raffel, even though soemone else got Bryce as their basket boy he was so jealous that he needed to be with Juli and he thougt that trying to kiss her would make up for everything but it just made her even more mad.
  • 20!
  • I have to kiss her to make up for all of this? Maybe she will like me again.
  • Bryce! What are you doing?? Leave me alone. why are you trying to kiss me?
  • When Bryce planted the tree he intended to plant it so she would forgive him. And in the end it really worked, he knew that this would be the BEST way to make her happy and he really proved himself to Juli that he does care.
  • I have to do this so she will talk to me. I think this will mean a lot to her and she will forgive me.
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