Westward Expansion

Updated: 5/12/2020
Westward Expansion

Storyboard Text

  • Do you know the way around here?
  • Yeah, let me show you.
  • What do we do now, swim!
  • I am destined to expand to this land.
  • Mountain Men in Oregon CountryThe mountain men where adventurous fur trappers who hiked through forests and had survival skills that helped them live of the land and explore the Oregon territory. Mountain men established forts and trails and helped lead settlers across mountain trails to Oregon.
  • This is our territory!
  • The Oregon TrailThe Oregon trail was a 2,000 mile route west to Oregon Country, the pioneers traveled 15 miles a day and had to make the journey in 5 months to beat the snow. There was rivers, mountains, and rough terrain. There was diseases that spread quickly. The Oregon Trail allowed people to expand west and have more land that will eventually become the US.
  • This is a great spot.
  • Manifest DestinyAmericans believed that the US is destined by God to expand their territory and spread democracy across America. This idea of Manifest Destiny inspired Americans to expand westward.
  • Hey, there is some gold!
  • Mexican-American WarAn argument happened over the border between Texas and Mexico resulted in war, and the Mexican–American War began. After offering to buy the territory, Polk moved U.S. troops into a place that Mexico said was not in Texas, but rather part of the Mexican state of Coahuila. The Mexican army attacked them. After the war we expanded to California.
  • Mormons in UtahPeople who didn't like Mormons forced them to go west but they establish refuge at alt Lake City. Many Mormons built a settlement in Utah and attracted more Americans.
  • California Gold RushJohn Sutter discovers gold on his land in Northern California in 1848. More than 80,000 people traveled to California to pan for gold. The amount of people helped the territory become a state.