Interpesonal communication with drugs
Updated: 6/8/2020
Interpesonal communication with drugs

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, Would you care for some drugs
  • No thank you, I am not interested in consuming drugs, instead we should go dance
  • In a crowwded party outside of school...
  • NO! you must take these drugs with me
  • Peter is dancing when he is approached by a teen from a different school named William.
  • I already said I wasn't interested, and you should respect my choices. As well as that you should take in account the added negative effects that drugs bring into your life. It might help you change your habits.
  • Peter wasn't interested in consuming drugs because he knew about the negative effects that they could create, Instead, Peter tried redirecting William into doing another activity.
  • You are right, I am going to give up drugs. Thank you
  • William insisted on offering the drugs to Peter
  • Peter stood his ground but wasn't aggressive or impulsive. He also tried to help William to raise his awareness about drugs, so he could make a conscious decision about his future and dependence on drugs.
  • Peter managed to use proper refusal skills by deflecting the conversation and suggesting a different activity, and later stand his ground and maintain his stance on drugs. Peter also made William conscious of his wrong choices, helping him quit drugs. Peter used important skills in terms of refusal in interpersonal communication and it not only benefited him but also another person in trouble
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