Subatomic Particles Comic Strip-Formal
Updated: 2/23/2021
Subatomic Particles Comic Strip-Formal

Storyboard Text

  • Hello, class today we're gonna be reviewing atoms and protons, electrons, and neutrons. What are they? What do they Do? For the upcoming test so class.
  • Abby can you please explain what are protons, electrons, and neutrons?
  • A proton, electron, and neutron are small particles that make up in atom
  • Great job Abby.Now Chase do protons, electrons, and neutrons have charges?
  • Yes Mrs.Mix protons, electrons, and neutrons do have charges.Protons have a positive charge, Electrons have a negative charge and neutrons are neutral
  • Great explanation chase! Now Olivia Where in an atom can i find the protons,electrons, and neutrons
  • Lastly class By looking at the periodic table, how do I know how my protons, neutrons, and electrons a specific element has?
  • You can find your protons and electrons in the periodic table by looking at the top number or should i say Atomic # and you can find the neutrons by looking at the bottom number(The mass number
  • You can find protons and neutrons in the nucleus and you can find electrons in the outer shells