The Beggar and the Faithful Dog
Updated: 11/23/2020
The Beggar and the Faithful Dog

Storyboard Description

This story is about a dog named Argos and a man named Odysseus. Argos was raised and trained by Odysseus but never learned to hunt before Odysseus made his way to Troy. Young men trained him to hunt for animals like deer and goats. Women were told to bath and keep him clean as well as healthy. But as Argos got older they saw no need to care for the dog as they once did. He became weak and old. One day when Odysseus returned Argos was laying on the grass weak as can be. He immediately knew the sound of his masters voice. He tried to get up to go see his master but he was just to weak. Odysseus was amazed at the fact that someone would leave a dog out to die and not take care of him. Eumaeus told him that his owner died abroad and since he got so old nobody cared for him. It was not long after that when Argos took his last breath, closed his eyes and died.

Storyboard Text

  • "This was Argos, trained as a puppy by Odysseus, but never taken on the hunt before his master sailed for Troy."
  • "But when he knew he heard Odysseus voice nearby, he did his best to wag his tail, nose down, with flattened ears having no strength to move nearer his master."
  • "I marvel that they leave this hound to lie here on a dung pile; he would have been a fine dog from the look of him."
  • "Eumaeus crossed the court and went straight forward into the megaron among the suitors; but death and darkness in that instant closed eyes of Argos, who had seen his master Odysseus, after 20 years."