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Updated: 9/15/2020
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  • The Boston Tea Party was a conflict because The Boston Tea Party had two issues confronting The British and The British East India Company from ongoing dispute about the extent Parliament’s authorities if any over the British American colonies without seating any elected representation.
  • The Boston Tea Party took place in December 16, 1773 at the Griffin's Whaf in Boston Massachusetts.
  • The main cause with the Boston Tea party is that The British East India company was allowed to sell the tea from China in American colonies without even paying the taxes. The British got to decide on taxing the colonies with no representation in the Westminster Parliament (“no taxation without representation”).
  • There were many people involved in the Boston Tea Party after Massachusetts Governor Thomas Hutchinson refused, patriot leader Samuel Adams organized the tea party with 60 members of the Sons of Liberty.
  • On December before the tea was supposed to be landed the Sons of Liberty, three groups of 50 Boston residents each organized by Samuel Adams burst towards Griffins Wharf three ships loaded with hundreds of crates of tea destroying the cargo.
  • The Boston Tea Party had a outcome because on January 20, 1774 and as a result the British shut down Boston Harbor until all of the 340 chest of British East India Company tea were paid off. The other outcome was when this act brought criticism from both colonial and British officials. For instance Benjamin Franklin stated that the destroyed tea must be repaid and offered to repay with his own money.