Anne Frank - Conflicts
Updated: 5/13/2020
Anne Frank - Conflicts

Storyboard Text

  • Man VS. Self
  • Man VS. Society
  • No, Please don't take us
  • Come on, move faster
  • Man VS. Man
  • Stop being such a picky eater. You are such a bad-mannered, stubborn, lazy girl.
  • I think Anne is very well brought up. Atleast she's learned not to respond to your sermons
  • Anne feels deserted and lonely. There is no one she can talk to about her problems and sorrows.
  • The Nazi took Jewish people to concetration camps. Millions of Jews died there.
  • Mrs van Daan thinks that Anne is a really picky eater and she is spoiled. Mrs van Daan makes Anne eat more vegetables and Mr frank defends Anne. Then they get into a arguement